Live Your Priorities

Tour the world?  Start a business?  Retire early?  Travel with a band of Gypsies?  Absolutely.  Going tiny is about living your priorities instead of living off a script.  Live big by going tiny!

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Do Some Good

Did you know that 10% of all of our sales go towards housing for the Autism community.  In fact, beyond selling tiny houses, helping this community is a major focus of our company.

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Keep The Baby

For the stuff that works in your current life -- the dishwasher, the washer / dryer, let's keep it.  We have housing options with modern, fully-equipped kitchens and bathrooms.

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Breaking Down Barriers

Okay, you've seen the shows.  You've imagined yourself in a tiny house.  Maybe you've looked at listings or even started paring down your possessions.  Bravo, but we know it's tough to take that final step.  We think we have a few smart ways to help your transition.

Try Before You Buy.  If you are in the DC Metro Area, we would love to host you in one of our model tiny homes for a night or two.  We believe this is a smart way to check out what it's like to go tiny before taking the plunge.

Park Here For A While.  If you have researched tiny homes, you probably know that zoning can be tricky.  "Where do I park my tiny house?" is one of the most common questions we see.  This is why we offer our customers a place to park for up to six months while you are searching for that perfect spot.

Take-backs Allowed.  Our buy-back program allows our customers to sell back a home they have purchased from us for up to eighty percent of the original purchase price.   Think of it as an insurance policy on your purchase.


Next Steps...

Interested to learn more?  Drop us a line and let us know how we can help make your tiny home dreams a reality...or at least get you started.