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Do You Want To Know More About Pop-Up Communities?

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Our Core Values

We strive to make every house we build the best possible house for you – our customer.  We listen.  We design to your needs.  We expertly craft with unfailing attention to detail.  We keep you apprised every step of the way.

Meet Our Team

Meet our amazing team.  We can’t wait to serve you!

Peter and Julie
Peter and JulieFounders
Julie and Peter started this crazy ride. Julie handles interior design aspects as well as marketing while Peter handles financials, project management, and technology. Pete and Julie have four kids that they hope will all take part in the business.
John W. Connelly III
John W. Connelly IIIChief Builder
John manages all build-related activities including design, construction, and management of all of our builders. John has experience in all aspects of home construction. He got his start in construction building skateboard ramps. Fun!
Richard and Darlene
Richard and DarleneCommunity Outreach Specialists
Richard and Darlene lead Humble Houses outreach ministry including planned work with the Autism Community and integration to County Government. Richard and Darlene are both pastors in the Vineyard Church and our powerful warriors!

Explore Recent Work

Check Out Our Tiny House Portfolio.

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Trusted Partners

Below are some of the amazing partners we work with to bring you the best possible tiny houses and recreational structures.

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Right-Sized, beautiful,

affordable, comfortable,

livable spaces that inspire

people to pursue their passions.

Only takes a few seconds!