Our Vision

We plan to change the world, one pop-up community at a time.  What's a pop-up community?  Not sure yet; we'll let you know when we figure it out.  What we do know is that we have a heart for the autism community, that there is a severe shortage of housing for this community, and that we know how to build tiny houses.  Feels like a pretty good mix to us, so we're going to figure it out.

Meanwhile, we will sell the best tiny houses we know how to make and use a portion of all sales to help fund this cause.


Our Story

I used to day dream about how to get out of the rat race and make a difference in the world.  I was thinking of some extended overseas mission where the work would have some obvious and amazing benefit to people around us.   I regularly spent free time looking online for opportunities.

Then I saw it, this amazing property just a couple of miles away.  It felt different, magical.  God started planting a vision for a workshop, a youth center, a community for young adults with autism.  Awesome!

We realized we did not have to move thousands of miles away.  We set about making this new vision a reality and God totally paved the way.

So there you have it.  The short version, anyway.  It's been an amazing ride so far and we are just getting started.  Can't wait.

Meet the Team

We can't wait to serve you!


Julie & Peter Tittle

Founders & Sales Support

Julie and Peter started this crazy ride.  Julie handles interior design aspects as well as marketing while Peter handles financials, project management, and technology.  Pete and Julie have four kids that they hope will all take part in the business.


John W. Connely III

Chief Builder

John manages all build-related activities including design, construction, and management of all of our builders.  John has experience in all aspects of home construction.  He got his start in construction building skateboard ramps.  Fun!


Richard & Darlene Tittle

Community Outreach Pastors

Richard and Darlene lead Humble Houses outreach ministry including planned work with the Autism Community and integration to County Government.  Richard and Darlene are both pastors in the Vineyard Church.

Next Steps...

Interested to learn more about pop-up communities?  Want to donate a ton of money to get us started?  Awesome!  Drop us a line and let us know how we can help.  We would absolutely love to connect with you.